Life Alert helps Seniors Life at home longer.
Life Alert Medical Pendant
A simple press of the medical alert button will instantly activate Life Alert's two-way, amplified-voice, communication monitor located in the house, allowing our emergency dispatchers to talk to the senior and contact paramedics, fire department, police, relatives and/or neighbors, as needed.
Real Life Emergencies
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Great Savings with Life Alert!
Life Alert Medical Pendant
Life Alert’s 36-month membership cost less than one month at a retirement institution. With this kind of savings, Life Alert allows seniors to live protected and independently in the comfort of their own home with 24 hour medical alert service at the push of a button.
Life Alert Medical Pendant
Life Alert Medical Pendant
In a survey taken by ACNielsen International Research, 87% of Life Alert members said that Life Alert's protection is a main or important factor in their decision to keep living at home rather than going to a retirement institution.

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Learn about different health issues that affect Seniors today.
Senior fall at home emergency

As you pay homage to those who have fallen, you may also want to remember the venerable ones that are still with you. This Memorial Day, please remember to put a flag on a soldier’s headstone and a Life Alert on your elderly loved on.

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Senior fall at home emergency

"Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up"® In a home emergency, such as a fall, seizure, heart attack, stroke or other serious illness a senior may not reach the telephone and can lie on the floor for hours or days, disconnected from any help. That’s when a medical alert system can save their life by summoning help fast before an injury becomes life threatening.
If a Life Alert Personal Medical Alert System can substitute a retirement institution, would you go for it?
Former United States Surgeon General

Former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop
"Thanks to Life Alert, you can live alone without being alone."
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Other enhanced benefits that come with a Life Alert Membership is free information

FREE assistance with gathering
information in time of need such as:
• Electric or Water Damage
• Extreme Weather Conditions
• Gathering General Information
• Medical Suppliers
• Doctors
• Pharmacy
• Phone Company
• Power Company
• Advising Relatives
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Testimonial of the Day
07 / 30/ 2014
I (son) was notified of the emergency at my mother’s house along with a neighbor and paramedics. The response time was excellent and the [Life Alert] operator was courteous along with being helpful. The follow up was outstanding. I would recommend the service for those living alone.
M.L. Rochester, NY