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Executive Summary
  • Over half of all customers who have had Life Alert for over a year (58%) said that their quality of life has improved since becoming a Life Alert customer.

  • 95% of customers say that Life Alert makes them feel protected when at home.
  • - 41% say that it makes them feel very protected.

  • For 87% of Life Alert customers, Life Alert’s protection is an important factor in their decision to keep living at home, rather than going to a nursing home.
  • - 60% say it is a main factor or a very important factor.

  • 85% of customers feel that being protected is important; 80% feel that the comfort of staying at home is important; 76% feel that being independent is important.

  • Over one quarter of customers (28%) would like Life Alert to offer an additional paid service to help in obtaining discounted prescription drugs; 20% would like a courtesy call at least 3 times a week.

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