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Research Design
  • Direct mail survey: 3,000 postcards were sent by mail to Life Alert customers, in order to get a minimum of 800 replies.
  • - 1,500 postcards sent to New customers
    - 1,500 postcards sent to Old customers
  • The sample was selected randomly from the Life Alert customer database, in order to ensure representativeness of each group of customers.

  • Sample size:
  • We received 1026 replies with the following composition:
  • - 484 New customers (+/- 4.4% of marginal error at the 95% confidence level)
    - 542 Old customers (+/- 4.1% of marginal error at the 95% confidence level)
  • Due to the structure of the Life Alert’s customers (78% are new customers and 22% are old customers), the data has been weighted in order to replicate this structure in the survey results.
  • Fieldwork was conducted nationwide, from August 26th to September 27th, 2004.
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